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Published on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 2:55 PM

SMS Registration
How to Start

Getting Started guide will help you to create and manage your online presence on Salonati Network using SMS. The following are the main steps to manage your account

  1. Salon Profile
  2. Branches
  3. Salon Services
  4. Salon Products
  5. Profile and Branch Publishing (Online Presence)

SMS allows businesses to manage mulitple branches in the same profile in addition to Salon Services and Products that can be shared across the branches by filling the Salon Profile. 


Salon Profile

Salon profile contains the default information about the salon including the Salon Features, Salon Service Categories, Menu and Images, and Working hours. By Filling those details, you can create branches and copy all these data without the necessaity to edit them again for each branch. In case a Branch contains some different information, you can edit it seperately. Start editing by visiting Salon Details



Branches are considered the businesses online presensce for their shops or mobile trucks. Even if you have one shop, you should create at least one branch in the account after you fill your Salon Profile. Start managing branches by visiting Salon Branches


Salon Services

In addition to Salon and Branch Menu, businesses can have their price list inserted per category with their prices and discounts. This will improve your online visibility and search.

Once you fill your services, you can add them to each branch in your account seperately. Start managing services by visiting Salon Services


Salon Products

Salons can have also their products shown on their online profiles. Those products can be either the brands used in their salons or being sold on the request of the online customers. Start managing products by visiting Salon Products


Profile and Branch Publishing (Online Presence)

Once you fill all the details, you will be able to publish your salon online (including Salon Profiles and  Branches). First, you need to make sure your Salon Details is Published (ACTIVE) and then publish each branch seperately. In case you want to bring your profile offline for update, you can either unpublish each branch seperately OR unpublish the Salon Details to completely bring your account offline. 

To check the status of Salon Profile, visit Salon Details

To check the status of Branches, visit Salon Branches


SMS Registration
How to Start