Frequently Asked Questions

Published on Friday, June 12, 2020, 8:54 PM


How to build my profile online?

To start building your Salon Profile, you should start with Salon Details as it contains all the data needed to start creating branches. In all cases, you should have at least one Branch on system to start populating online. Once you have your Salon Details ready, create a branch either by copy the Salon Details option or without it, and then edit your branch details. It is crucial that you ensure the Branch Map location and Address are correct. For more details, please visit Getting Started Guide and  Salon Branches Management



How to update my branch location?

Goto  Salon Branches and then Edit the branch you want to update. Then, click on Address tab and use the map or manual coordinates to update your location. You need to make sure all the details are inserted correctly. For more information, please visit Branch Details



How to reply to user reviews?

You can go to Customer Engagement and then choose the review that you want to reply to. For more information, please visit Customer Engagement Guide



How to change images?

To change logo or profile image, you need to do it for Salon Details and for each branch. In addition, you can add images and menus from Salon Details and Branch Details using the associated tabs. Click on the associated buttons to upload an image from your device and start editing the image using the Salonati Image Editor. For more details, please visit Image Editor



My profile is not appearing on Salonati Network or Search Engines. What should I do?

First, you need to have at least one branch created in the account. Then, make sure both Salon Details and the branch(es) are Active and published. For more details, please visit Salon Details and Branch Details



How can I market my salon online with

Please open a support ticket. We will look at your requirements to provide you with the best marketing campaign.