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Salon Details - SMS
Salon Details contains the Salon General details along with DEFAULT information. You can use it create more branches out of the box.  Read More
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Salon Branches Read More
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Branch Details contain almost the same information of Salon Details with extra Address Tab to ensure correct Address and Map Location of a branch Read More
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Salon Services is your online price list. While Salon Services serve the same purpose of the Salon Menu, Salon Services allow customers to discover your business on Salonati Network and Search Engines. Salon Menu is just image snapshot of your menu. Read More
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Salon Products are either used at your Salon or you can just offer them to customers to buy either online or from shop.  Read More
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Getting Started - SMS

Getting Started document will guide you how to create and manage your online presence Read More

Customer Engagement - SMS

In Customer Engagement, you can check customer reviews to your salon and reply back to your customers. Read More
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SMS Customers - CRM -SMS

SMS Customers is the your Customer Relationship Management. SMS Customers is integrated with Salonati Global Network Customers. This helps to grow your business and get discovered by people around the world. Read More

Image Editor - SMS

Salonati Online Image Editor is simple yet advanced tool that allows to insert and edit images that suites different types and purposes of the image inside Portal.  Read More
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Terms and Conditions - SMS

Terms and Conditions govern and regulate the relationship between and Partners regarding the commercial access to and use of Salonati Management System and all affiliated websites owned and operated by including all subdomains, subdirectories, mobile sites, and mobile applications.

Privacy Policy - SMS

Privacy Policy explains how we use and process your data and cookies that are collected through online platform, through our partners’ online websites and social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions